Recipes with Rotisserie Chicken

May 10, 2023
Recipes with Rotisserie Chicken

Recipes with Rotisserie Chicken


Everybody loves an authentic and flavorful rotisserie chicken, fortunately you don’t need a rotisserie to prepare it at home. You can make instant pot rotisserie chicken by just brining, buttering and roasting the chicken. A simple process to create rotisserie chicken in oven with incredible taste. Prepping starts with a brine, simply brine the chicken and then pat it dry to remove excess of it. Then tuck the wings of the chicken underneath the breast to give it that oh so yummy look, and tie the legs together.

This rotisserie chicken instant pot is easy to make and its leftover can make multiple new recipes. All you need to do after prepping the chicken is to prepare the seasoning mix. Start by combining butter, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder and some salt and pepper to taste in a bowl. Then, generously rub the mixture onto the chicken, and pop in the crockpot rotisserie chicken into the oven.

Within an hour and thirty minutes, your rotisserie chicken should be nearly done, with the thickest part reach 170 degrees F. If you don’t have an oven, make a slow cooker rotisserie chicken for the same rich taste. A perfect dish on its own, with the added option of transforming it into multiple different dishes. You can follow our recipes using rotisserie chicken to make different rotisserie chicken meals for yourself and your family.

What to Expect from Prep?

Crockpot rotisserie chicken is easy to make and can be used for different occasions. Once you have prepped the chicken and have added it into the oven, you are nearly done with rotisserie chicken in oven recipe. Take the chicken out occasionally to baste it with its own juices for added flavors. To cook the rotisserie chicken thoroughly, cover it with aluminum foil and let it cook. After ten minutes or so, remove the foil and let it get golden brown.

How to tell if your Homemade Rotisserie Chicken is Done?

After letting your entrée settle in the oven, next comes the main part – how can you tell if the chicken is cooked properly? While rotisserie chicken is a healthy option for those looking for a protein diet, or those who prefer rotisserie chicken keto for their keto diets, overcooking can dry out nutrients.

The best way to confirm whether or not your chicken is done is with an electronic thermometer. Measure the temperature before and after you put the chicken in, and keep on monitoring the progress till your rotisserie chicken is tender.

What are some recipes with Rotisserie Chicken?

You might be in the mood for making Rotisserie Chicken from scratch or might be looking for some store-bought Rotisserie Chicken recipes. Both options are equally good and delicious. You can use leftover rotisserie chicken for authentic, and flavorful rotisserie chicken meals following our list of rotisserie chicken ideas:

Mexican Chicken Soup

Nothing puts anyone in a better mood than a hot bowl of Mexican Chicken Soup to get rid of the Monday blues and the dropping temperature. It’s a good option after a day of heavy eating, making it the perfect dish to make after rotisserie chicken. It uses the leftover rotisserie chicken and has that unique aroma that will make anyone a fan!

Chicken Shepherd’s Pie

After a long day of work, you deserve a nice meal, and with leftover frozen rotisserie chicken – it is easier than ever. Simply toss in some frozen spinach along with grated cheese and you are nearly done. Chicken Shepherd’s Pie is a great recipe to make to utilize everything hanging around in the fridge.

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Speaking of healthy chicken recipes, nothing will satisfy your hunger better than BBQ chicken sandwiches. On the lookout for healthy rotisserie chicken recipes, BBQ Chicken Sandwiches will soon become your personal favorite. With minimum 10 minutes of prep time, these are great as an on the go snack.

Chicken and Spinach Baked Pasta with cheese

Time for a change of menu, go from healthy eating to something that will satisfy your taste buds. Make Chicken and Spinach Baked Pasta with cheese with your leftover chicken rotisserie. Add in some fresh parsley, mozzarella cheese, pasta, spinach and toss it in the oven till it is golden brown. A quick and delicious recipe with rotisserie chicken.

Chicken Cheese Balls

For those on keto, the diet can be a delicious experience. After rotisserie chicken keto, prep your taste buds for something even more tantalizing! Follow the recipe with rotisserie chicken to make easy and quick Chicken Cheese Balls. Made with hot sauce and scallions, and paired with blue cheese sauce for that extra flavor.

Italian Chicken Pasta Salad

When it comes to healthy rotisserie chicken recipes, nothing tops the chart like Italian Chicken Pasta Salad. A perfect makeshift for those nights where you want something delicious with little to no effort. Add leftover rotisserie chicken, toss in some veggies, and add some dressing. An easy recipe that is great for some last-minute guests. 

Shortcut Chicken Enchiladas

Once you try making Chicken Enchiladas with leftover rotisserie chicken, you will never consider buying them from the store ever again. The recipe calls for some store-bought rotisserie chicken, some beans, and salsa. Toss everything together and bake the enchiladas for roughly 35 minutes. Pick out a movie for the night and enjoy the delicious shortcut snack.

Chicken Carbonara

The Recipes with Rotisserie Chicken are everything but limited. You can make multiple items using just leftover frozen rotisserie chicken. With Chicken Carbonara being a personal favorite. Simply add crispy pancetta, toasted walnuts and chicken on the base. Alongside some good old fashion eggs, parmesan, Italian bacon, some garlic cloves, and salt and pepper to taste.

Chicken Ramen Noodles

Low maintenance chicken meal preps are an all time favorite for everyone. Transform your leftover chicken rotisserie to a beautiful chicken rotisserie creamy casserole with some ramen noodle filling.

Creamy Chicken Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Lastly, another all-time popular dish made with leftover chicken rotisserie is none other than creamy chicken pasta with sun-dried tomatoes. Using basil, garlic, shredded mozzarella cheese, red pepper flakes, cream and paprika – this is easily a dinner table favorite recipe.

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