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Mexican Rice Recipe

Mexican Rice Recipe

Mexican Rice Recipe

This Mexican rice recipe is an all time favorite of many, and after you’ve tried it – you will realize why. Full of flavors and as good as that of restaurants, probably more, this Mexican rice recipe is easy to follow, quick to prepare, and delicious. The method to make it straightforward, and the taste is exactly of authentic Mexican rice. All you need to do is start by dicing some onions, carrots, and bell pepper. Sauté them till the aroma tells you they are done, and then let the juices mix with the oil. The veggies will turn golden brown and will be slightly tender.

Then, all you need to complete this homemade Spanish rice recipe is some tomato paste. Add in the rice and tomato paste along with the veggies and let it set till the mixture becomes toasty. This Mexican friend rice recipe requires waiting till the tomato paste gets caramelized, and until a rich sweet savory flavor emerges. After that part is done, pour in broth to accentuate the flavors of this easy Mexican rice recipe and add the spices. Let the mixture simmer on the stove until the mexican spanish rice are perfectly cooked.

Lift the lid up after the pot has cooled slightly, we recommend waiting ten minutes and see the steaming rice for yourself. To complete the dish, it is best to pair it with some freshly chopped cilantro. You can also add any other herb or seasoning of your choice to this mexican spanish rice. Add parsley, green onions, basil or paprika, or pair the dish up with some beans to make some delicious Spanish rice and beans.

What to expect from Prep?

To get the authentic Mexican rice taste and the traditional Tex-Mex flavour package make this Mexican rice recipe your best friend! First off start off with the essentials, all you need is a tomato paste or mixture, some chicken broth, salt and pepper to taste and let it come to a boil. Next, you need some rice to add to the mix and let them cook, and you are done! This recipe for instant pot mexican rice is just that simple.

Add in some jalapenos for that rich flavor along with some garlic and stir everything together. Then add some cilantro and herbs of your choice to the Mexican rice and you are done! Don’t forget to add some lime juice to this authentic mexican rice recipe for that added flavor. These easy made spanish rice take less than 30 minutes to prepare and pair great with multiple dishes. Prepare them for your meal today and serve them up as a sideline tomorrow. There are plenty of options to pick from when it comes to getting creative with Mexican rice.

Make Your Own Dish with Spanish Mexican Rice

This authentic mexican rice recipe is all about getting the most out of the amazing flavors. Which means you have a number of added dishes you can prepare with leftover mexican rice. One great side dish option is for the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Stuff the mexican rice into a rich breakfast burrito to get all the energy you need to start off the day.

Or prep the spanish rice for lunch as a sideline in a traditional mexican corn salad. The perfect dish to help utilize your leftovers all while being delicious. If you get some unexpected company at the dinner table, add the mexican spanish rice into a cheesy casserole for added flavor. You can also freeze the rice for up to one month. Giving you plenty of options to make your own dish with spanish mexican rice.

Try out Something New – Toasted Mexican Rice!

The authentic mexican rice recipe comes second to none. However, the recipe does allow room for mixing and matching the ingredients to your liking. For a totally different taste infused with garlic, cumin, tomatoes, and onion – try something new. We recommend toasting the rice first before mixing them in with the other ingredients.

This easy spanish rice recipe twist just requires one minor change to add a lot of new flavors to the dish. After toasting the rice, the extra crunchy texture makes it a great sideline to be paired up with. Serve it next to a plate of tacos, or as their filling. Add some chicken fajita on top to make it a proper meal. Or add some beans to make the perfect Mexican rice and beans! You can also add the spanish rice on the side of your salad. Make every bite a good one!  

Expert Tips for Mexican Rice

Mexican rice is a great addition to your daily meals, as they open up an array of options that are equally delicious. The secret behind making the homemade Spanish rice is within the way you cook it. Your choice of herbs and oils can easily create a different flavor for you to choose from. Simply mix and match the ingredients to get a mixture that is truly unique. We recommend adding your own touch to make it a masterpiece. But here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

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