How to Cook Mushrooms? A Short Guide

How to Cook Mushrooms

How to Cook Mushrooms? A Short Guide

Mushrooms generally require only a few minutes to cook. Mushrooms are widely used in many dishes and are now essentially becoming an important ingredient and are available in several variations including shiitake, Swiss brown, Oyster mushrooms and many more. They can be cooked them in several different ways.

Mushrooms are available easily at all food stores and can be bought fresh, dried or canned. To ensure that the mushrooms are not deteriorated, buy the ones which are firm and wrinkle free.

Storing mushrooms can be a little tricky, but if you are careful, you can enjoy them for a longer period! Make sure that you store the mushrooms in a brown paper bag. Substitutes would include lunch paper bag, cloth bag, clean tea towel or a ceramic bowl lined with paper towel. Mushrooms give away a lot of moisture which contributes to the factor of them going bad quickly. Make sure that you keep them in the refrigerator in a less soggy section. Placing them in brown bags will allow the moisture to be absorbed, making the mushrooms last longer.

Mushrooms are so easy to clean and cook. You can clean them with a paper towel or simply brush away the dirt with a light pastry brush. There is no obligation to peel off its skin because it can also be enjoyed. Soaking the mushroom in water is not advisable since it has a tendency to absorb water and swell up.

How to Cook Mushrooms

Mushrooms can be grilled, baked, fried, steamed or e stuffed. Whether the mushrooms are the cultivated, common or exotic type, they’re always considered as satisfying and earthy delights. Cooking them follow 2 basic rules: high heat must be used in cooking and they must be seared brown.

Mushrooms must be cleaned carefully. To brush the dirt off, a wet paper towel is usually used. It’s not advisable to wash the mushrooms, so it’s quite fine to just get a soft brush to clean them. For those which are quite dirty, you can run cool water on the mushrooms but it’s very important to immediately dry them. Never immerse mushrooms in water. Their spongy nature would only lead to them absorbing a lot of water when soaked.

Cut the mushrooms before you cook or serve them. Just like artichokes and potatoes, mushrooms have a tendency to turn brown if the surfaces which are cut get exposed to air. If advanced cutting is really necessary, lemon juice could help slow down the discoloration.

Mushrooms Moisture

Mushrooms give of a lot of moisture when they’re cooked since they contain about 80-90% water. If you wish to brown the mushrooms for the surface to turn golden, heat must be applied before they turn limp. To be able to achieve this, slice the mushrooms and place them in a heated pan. It’s not necessary to add any other ingredients, except for a small amount of oil, until they turn brown. Don’t add any salt since this will just accelerate the production of moisture. You can put salt on your mushrooms once they start to get rid of moisture.

Spices and herbs flatter the mushroom flavor. Include thyme, ginger, parsley, tarragon, red pepper and garlic. Other particular ingredients which suit well when cooked with mushrooms are white wine, beef, crabmeat, goat cheese, walnuts, butter and cream.


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