Healthy Steak Dinner

Healthy Steak Dinner

Healthy Steak Dinner Recipe

Tender and juicy steak seasoned with garlic, fresh herbs, and butter can be your new favorite healthy steak dinner recipe for weekends and occasions. This easy-peasy recipe does not take hours to cook and can be perfectly prepared within thirty minutes. It is one of the delicious and healthy steak dinner recipes – dairy-free, Whole30 friendly, and Paleo compliant.


Everyone loves steak, but some people avoid eating it due to extra fat and whatnot. If you are a huge fan of steaks, this is the one easy and delicious healthy steak dinner recipe that you can add to your list of one skillet favorites.

From tender steak to flavorful butter and lots of fresh garlic, this healthy steak dinner recipe has it all. It is that hearty meal that satisfies your taste buds every time without making you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen.

It is gluten-free and can easily be made Paleo friendly, Whole30 compliant, and dairy-free. Read this guide to know the healthy steak dinner recipe and try it ASAP.

Healthier Meat Cuts for a Healthy Steak Dinner

Out of a variety of meat components – flank steak, top loin, T-bone, sirloin, filet mignon, and of course, tenderloin – can be a lighter cut of beef. Be sure to trim off any prominent fatty sections before cooking your steak or before applying your rub or marinade. Also, if you barbecue your steak, it usually has lower fats because when the meat is cooked, it is dripped off. You can even consider making your own and not instant sauces, so you can substantially cut down the fat by taking care of what you can make using fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and other seasonings or ingredients. When making your very own steak sauce, there are several steak sauce recipes that you can use as sources.

Here are the tips for the garlic butter steak recipe:

Steak – Take out a fillet of beef or chicken and cut down extra fat layers as it’s a healthy steak dinner recipe.

Butter or Ghee – Use pasture-raised butter as it contains less fat and is more flavorful. On the contrary, use pasture-raised ghee to have a dairy-free steak in dinner.

Fresh Garlic – Well, we call it garlic butter steak for a reason. Adding a bunch of garlic cloves can literally make this dish flavorful and delicious.

Red Pepper Flakes – It is used to make it spicy. If you don’t prefer spicy food, you can definitely avoid adding it to the healthy steak dinner recipe.

Pepper and Salt – A classic and simple blend that adds so much flavor to the steak.

Green Onion – For garnishing and making it look great.

Parsley – Fresh parsley is best for adding taste, but if you don’t have it in your inventory, you can skip it.

Answer to Your Queries!

Can I Add In Extra Veggies?

Of course, if you like vegetables. You can use quick-cooking vegetables, including bell peppers, onions, and zucchini.

Is It Possible to Make It Whole30 Compliant?

Yes! All you need to use is the Whole30 compliant ghee to make a Whole30 healthy steak dinner recipe compliant.

I Don’t Have Fresh Garlic – Can I Use Garlic Powder?

If you do not have fresh garlic or do not want to add fresh garlic, we suggest you not to go for the garlic powder because it will not compliment the healthy steak dinner recipe. Instead, use pre-minced garlic for a delicious and flavorful taste.

Expert Tips for Cooking Healthy Steak Dinner Recipe Perfectly

  • Knowing that the steak’s temperature at the beginning has an effect on the cooking. If you take the steak straight out of the oven, it’s stone-cold in the middle, and it’s going to have to be done correctly. I use the tempering method for thick cold cuts of steak, continuously flipping until the end allows the heat to penetrate evenly into the middle.
  • Often cook the steak on the first side for two-thirds of the time on the grill or in the pan, then turn it and cook it for the last third of the time. On initial touch, you just want to get a good crust without over-cooking the steak.
  • The crucial thing to consider is to realize that thickness has an effect: the thinner the cut, the more violent the carryover, so it is vital to lean off when to pull off.


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