Healthy Breakfast Recipes Easy

Healthy Breakfast Recipes Easy

Healthy Breakfast Recipes Easy

A healthy breakfast recipes is a guarantee of good health and energy for the whole day. To properly lose weight , you must correctly select and prepare your breakfast. Healthy breakfast is necessary to replenish energy after sleep and a minimum 12-hour break at meals. Just breakfast is needed to maintain blood sugar, and this has a direct impact on our health, mood and weight loss process.

Healthy breakfast recipes easy

1. Eggs:

What could be simpler, tastier and more familiar than cooked “in a bag” eggs for easy healthy breakfast?

Only a fried egg or scrambled eggs! Or, better omelet? Yes, eggs – not just the most versatile and quick to prepare the product for breakfast, but also very useful: protein, minerals (eg, zinc, necessary for a healthy immune system), as well as vitamins A, E and Group B. Not bad for a morning is not it?

2. Oatmeal, lady!

Healthy breakfast recipes easy

Can not tolerate oatmeal with your childhood? Or maybe you just need to learn to cook it? We are sure you will like the taste, and the use of hot porridge in the morning: fiber fills a long time, and the morning charge of vitamins and minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B1) plus just will not. Healthy breakfast recipes easy

Diversify the menu porridge is very simple: First, except for porridge, there are other equally useful cereals (semolina, rice, buckwheat, millet) and secondly the mess can not only cook, but also bake, broil, and even prepare pudding.

3 . Fashion muesli

Many have long since mastered the preparation of the quick and easy breakfast in the world – ready to pour cereal juice, milk or yogurt and eat. In the usefulness of this morning , no one doubts the menu ( unrefined grains are the main source of “good” carbohydrates, and dietary fiber , minerals and vitamins ), but it can quickly become bored with the monotony and purchased muesli – contain excessive amounts of sugar.

We offer to take cooking really healthy muesli into their own hands : take oatmeal, raisins , nuts , dried fruit , crush it all in a blender and put in a large glass layers , alternating muesli with yogurt and jam without sugar. You can pre- fry the flakes with honey, then you’ll have a real granola parfait – no excess sugar , only the beauty and benefits!

4 . Rivers of milk , curd coast

The benefits and dangers of milk for our health can argue all you want, but you can just arrange a variety of milk- cheese breakfast and feel great ! Yogurt with berries , cottage cheese with fruit and raisins , milk and cereal bread with cheese – and the body is provided with calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, protein and beneficial bacteria . All this is easily absorbed by the body and gives a feeling of fullness for a long time . By the way, instead of tea and coffee in the morning is much more useful to drink a smoothie or milk-based yogurt with fruit , berries and fresh juices Healthy breakfast recipes easy.

5 ideas snacks

1. Sandwich. But without the harmful sausage or cheese boring . For example : cottage cheese with olive oil, herbs and cucumber on whole grain toast. Or, shredded carrots on whole grain bread with olive oil and walnuts . Grated carrots stored for several days in a container on the bottom shelf of the fridge , so there is no need to cook it in a hurry in the morning Healthy breakfast recipes easy.

2 . Banana smoothies , seasonal fruit and frozen berries. Slice , mix in a blender and add some juice or milk.

3 . Oatmeal with dried fruit : Pour cereal “Hercules” at night with water or milk in the morning , add to them or dried fruit fresh fruit slices , season with a drop of olive oil or honey. Or a limit to soy sauce.

. Hot milk with a couple of dates . Add the milk cloves, cardamom and star anise to cheer . Optional: tea with spicy milk.

Healthy breakfast recipes easy

. Salad of shredded carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream or yogurt.


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