Food Ways and Family Recipes

Food Ways and Family Recipes

Food Ways and Family Recipes

Family recipes are great examples of food ways or family folklore. Family recipes can intersect all sorts of traditions, history, and culture. My family doesn’t have a ton of ethnic recipes, but a lot of our recipes have an interesting story behind them. My mom inherited some excellent recipes from my grandmas, and she was kind enough to compile a book of recipes for my own family. On this site you can learn a few of my favorite recipes and add them to your own collection!

Swap Your Recipes

Invite your friends and families to have a “swap party.” Bring some of your favorite dishes, and copy recipe cards for each of your guests. It’s a great way to gather tasty recipes!

All Recipes

Are you in a cooking rut? Check out some online recipes. is the most visited site in the online food community. It has more than 40,000 recipes!

Cook with Your Grandparents

I can think of no better way to make memories than making and sharing a meal with someone. If your grandparents and other family members live nearby, ask them to teach you a new recipe.

Compile your Recipes

I was lucky to get a compilation from my mother, but I’ve started compiling my own recipe book. I have paper copies of my recipes, but I also like to enter them into my computer.


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